Income Producing Gifts

Charitable Gift Annuity
A Charitable Gift Annuity is a gift plan that protects your assets and enhances your retirement income, while providing tax advantages to you, and a life partner or spouse, while leaving a gift to Immaculata University after you have received the retirement income benefit during your lifetime(s).  Fixed quarterly or annual payments from an initial investment are paid to you (and) your spouse or life partner. The rate of interest income generation depends on the amount of the initial investment and your age(s) at the time of the gift.

Deferred Gift Annuity
This type of annuity allows donors to defer income payments on their Charitable Gift Annuity Investment. By deferring income for a year or more, the donor may benefit from a higher gift annuity rate and a higher tax deduction.

Charitable Education Term Annuity
If one of your goals is to establish a college fund for a child that will assist with offsetting the rising cost of higher education, you might consider establishing a Charitable Education Term Annuity. This planned gift provides your student with a fixed number of payments, usually over a four year period once he/she reaches college age. Once the student has used the income to pay for tuition and/or associated college expenses, the remaining principal will benefit Immaculata University as determined by you.

Charitable Lead Trust
You transfer assets to a trustee who makes annual payments to Immaculata for a set number of years (typically 10-25). At the end of the trust term, the principal and any appreciation of the original assets used to make the gift is transferred back to you or your beneficiary(ies). Charitable Lead Trusts may provide federal and state tax benefits to you and your heir(s) or beneficiary(ies).

Charitable Remainder Trust
A Charitable Remainder Trust is funded by an irrevocable transfer of cash, securities, or other assets that will pay you an income for life, or a set period of years. At the end of the trust term, the trust principal becomes a gift to Immaculata University.

If you would like more information on how you can create a gift that is meaningful, please contact the Immaculata University Advancement Office, Diane D’Auria (610-647-4400 ext. 3134).