Immaculata University Alumni Association

The Alumni Association

The Immaculata University Alumni Association was established in 1925, and is comprised of General, Associate, and Honorary Members.

The Alumni Association is governed by a Board of Governors.  This board is made up of 21 elected delegates, honorary members, the immediate Past President, and up to four appointed members of the University community.  Other members may be added as needed to keep pace with University growth and change.

    Alumni Association Documents:


The Immaculata University Alumni Association Board of Governors

As stated in the Alumni Association Constitution and By-Laws, all policies of the Association are made, and all business transacted through, the Alumni Association Board of Governors.  The Board consists of 21 elected delegates, two honorary members (University President and Vice President for University Advancement), the Immediate Past President of the Association, up to four appointed members (including the Director of Alumni Relations and up to three representatives of University constituencies, one each from the College of Undergraduate Studies, College of Graduate Studies, and College of Lifelong Learning), and other members as needed to keep pace with University growth and change.

    Board of Governors information:


Class Representatives

Do you keep in touch with your classmates?   Do you know who your class representative is?  Want to sign up to be a class representative or assist the one you have?  Class Representative is a liaison between classmates and the Alumni Office; responsible for communicating important University news, generating enthusiasm and encouraging participation in alumni events and fundraising programs.

    Duties include:

  • Providing the Alumni Office with updated contact information for self and classmates as appropriate
  • Assist with communication for reunions and other Immaculata events
  • Collaborate with University Advancement to increase class participation in the Immaculata Fund
  • Collect and share information from classmates for the Class Notes section of the Immaculata magazine
  • Be a resource for classmates by staying current with all of the happenings at Immaculata, and encouraging others to stay connected

Don’t think you can do it all?  The Office of Alumni Relations will assist you!  Contact us to find out more or to sign up to represent your class!

For a current list of Class Representatives, view the List of Class Representatives.